Aloia CMS 3.3.0: Model events

1 minute read

Aloia CMS 3.3.0 has been released with model events on the base model. These model events help you to perform tasks in your Laravel application when models get persisted or deleted. These are the events you can subscribe to in your own applications:

  • AloiaCms\Events\PreModelSaved
  • AloiaCms\Events\PostModelSaved
  • AloiaCms\Events\PreModelDeleted
  • AloiaCms\Events\PostModelDeleted

You can bring even more fine-grained control to your applications using the same simple CMS classes by subscribing to these events.

These changes don’t break any backward compatibility and are simply additions. If you’re not planning on using these events in your application, you don’t need to upgrade to this version.


You can listen to these events in your EventServiceProvider as described in the Laravel documentation. Each of these events contain a public class property $model, which is a ModelInterface. These events get dispatched on any model that extends the base model: AloiaCms\Models\Model.