Laravel 6.x can now be used in Aloia CMS ^3.1

1 minute read

The dependency of Laravel 6 and 7 in Aloia CMS was updated in version 2.0.0 and 3.0.0 respectively. After deliberating, it has been decided that Laravel 6 and 7 don’t really make a difference for Aloia CMS. So effectively, this means that Aloia CMS version 3.1 and up now supports the use of both Laravel 6 and 7, not one or the other.

What does this mean for Aloia CMS 2.0.0?

Aloia CMS 2.0.0 will not change. It’s still a stable release and won’t be made compatible with Laravel 7, but will only work with Laravel 6. Version 2.0 and up will not receive any new features, but any issues will still be resolved. We recommend upgrading to Aloia CMS ^3.1, as Laravel 6 is also supported in this new version. With this new version, you will be able to take advantage of any new features that are introduced in the future.