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Oct 20, 2020

Laravel 8 support + improved data manipulation methods

Aloia CMS 3.2.0 has been released with Laravel 8 support and improved getter and setter methods. These getters and setters have been an effort in giving methods an easy to remember name.

Jul 19, 2020

New logo, new branding

As you might have seen, the website has a different look! We've added a new logo to the website and adjusted the colors to go with the new logo.

Jul 12, 2020

Aloia CMS GUI 3.3.0: Extendible articles

Articles, one of the built-in content types of Aloia CMS, were already extendible through code editors and IDE's, but now they're also extendible through the GUI package. You can extend the article objects to contain any properties you might need for your websites.

May 28, 2020

Aloia CMS GUI 3.2.0: Manage FAQ items in the GUI

SEO is the most important way to make your website discoverable in the search engines. To make this a little easier, you can now manage FAQ items right in the GUI package of Aloia CMS.
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