Aloia CMS: The flat-file content management system for Laravel

Aloia CMS is a flat-file content management system for Laravel. Ship your content quicker, and shape the content management system around your needs, not the other way around. You're in charge of your content and Aloia CMS does the rest.

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Most important features

No content management system is complete without a few features that make it work for you and any project you might want to use it with.

Simple to extend

You can easily extend the CMS with your own custom content types. All you have to create your custom content type is:

  1. Extend the base Model
  2. Specify a folder to write the data files to
  3. (Optional) Specify any required fields

Yes, that's really it!

Models code screenshot

Familiar configuration

Managing content is easy! You can use techniques you might have already used to save your content:

  • HTML / Markdown / TXT
  • YAML Front matter

You can choose how you want to write your content, letting the CMS do the rest.

Markdown config screenshot

Support the project

You can support this project in many ways: by contributing code, doing marketing, creating visuals, and making a donation.

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Latest news

Oct 22, 2022

Aloia CMS 4.2.0: Cleaner & more convenient models

Clean and readable code is the most important part of write software that's maintainable and a joy to work with. Aloia CMS is all about getting out of your way, but we still had some quirks that could be better. It just got better!

May 6, 2022

Aloia CMS 4.1.0: An SEO Module

SEO is vital for your website to be found on the internet. Aloia CMS gets out of your way, but also gives you superpowers from time to time. Aloia CMS will now generate a sitemap of your content types for you, with minimal effort.

Are you wondering who uses Aloia CMS in production?

Aloia CMS is already used in production for a few websites. The content management system gets better with every website that's developed with it.

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